Rodgers hopes to keep Maddison even though many Premier

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Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers admits the club are still trying to sign a new contract with key midfielder James Maddison amid interest from several Premier League clubs.

The 25-year-old midfielder is contracted to the club until mid 2024 and he has been talked about a number of times over transfers. In the past trading market, Newcastle United made two offers to Leicester City, but in the end. The players are still with the team. Along with showing outstanding performance with playing 7 games, making 5 goals, 2 assists for the team While the team is still trying to negotiate a new contract with him. The UFABET report

“I still don’t know the situation. I think you have asked the wrong person. This is about the club. My job is to be a coach. and teach him every day to prepare him as best he can on the pitch. Of course, it’s normal for us to want the best players in our squad. and we confirm that Maddison is a player you don’t want to lose. But I can only concentrate on working with him every day. And he knows he is in a very good place for self-improvement and learning, able to concentrate on his work life on the pitch and off the pitch. if it will happen it must happen But now we work well together.”