“Potter” accepts and changes plans according to the situation

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter insists he is ready to change his game plan according to the situation. in the next few weeks

Since taking over at Stamford Bridge last month, Potter has won two matches, despite starting with a draw against Red Bull Salzburg

. The elite use a different strategy and players in the back half every game, with only Thiago Silva continuing to

play. The Blues’ options have to be reduced further behind Wesley. Fofana was injured. Until having to rest until next month, which Potter admits that he is ready to change the playing system according to the situation. The UFABET report

“You always have to consider your competitors. And we have to consider the players we have,” he said before the game. Wolverhampton Wanderers

: “We were missing Mark because of illness from the Salzburg game to Crystal Palace and something happened. So we can change the way we play each game.”

“I think it’s important to have options. Because the players on the field may not be the same team for the next 10 or 11 games, no matter how many games we have left before the World Cup break. It was an intense time. “

It is an effort to balance the difference between change and continuity. Things must go on continuously. Otherwise, they will face instability. So this is what we have to do.”