Lampard shook the Chelsea face too many mistakes.

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Chelsea boss Frank Lampard thinks the team made too many mistakes. Especially in the little details that happen in every part of the field.

Indigo Blue Lions defeated Manchester United with a score of 1-4 in a residual Premier League match on Thursday night. With the Blues now ranked 12th with 43 points from 37 matches.

“Sharpness in front of the door We were the better team in the first half. both in terms of possession of the ball or at least. Our chances are equal to them. Maybe going 0-2 down is a sign that shows where we stand. Maybe the second half is a sign of where we stand as well.

“The number of goals we have this season probably shows that it is a problem that. We are not scoring enough goals. In the first half we threatened them in some moments but in the second half. We weren’t as good. Some defensive moments in the second half showed why in many ways. The game we play with 5 defenders UFABET

“Disappointing, we have to do better. It was the end of a long season. There are some tactical details that you need to work on each day to reach the standards you say. Those are the facts.

“Maybe for United you can see the experience on both sides of the pitch that makes the game work. It’s a reality for the players.” Lampard