Features of fish shooting game

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If talking about the strengths and strengths of online 

fish shooting games, it can be said that these games are full of strengths and unique styles. Basically, it’s not difficult for everyone to access. Even people who have never played gambling games can play. Fish shooting games online tend to make everyone feel like a part of the game. Makes us slip into the world of fish shooting games, knowing that again, we are already intoxicated with the game. Today we will tell about other highlights. that everyone should know better. สมัคร UFABET

1. Easy to play, shoot fish to die, get rewards
2. There are many fish seasons or bonus periods
3. There are difficulty levels to choose from
4. There are bonuses and high multipliers
5. Playable on mobile

Get to know each type of fish in a fish shooting game.

A herd of fish and various sea creatures It is an enemy that the gambler must deal with. Therefore, we must eliminate it completely. which in some games may add color and more challenges to the game by adding other enemies These fish are divided into the following major categories: 

special fish

special fish

It is a fish that these gamblers will have to deal with. Because it is a fish that comes with a special item. When you shoot this fish You will receive items to help make your play easier. This fish has a special symbol that if you can manage it. You can get special items from us right away.


Boss fish

It is the fish that gamblers want the most. It is a giant fish that tends to stagnate and is not easy to deal with. These fish will have special abilities such as swift movement, slow movement, but with enormous stamina, able to teleport to various points in the scene quickly. and have the ability to switch The fish shooters will need to rely on special items or guns that have the highest abilities to deal with it.

common fish

common fish

It is a fish that is both small and large. In addition, the defense power will be different. This fish is for collecting points.