How to get the right amount of calories

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Each person’s body receives the appropriate number of calories to use for different activities each day. This depends on many factors such as body size, weight, height, and age. If you must do a lot of physical activity. You must consume food and drink in large quantities. In order to receive sufficient energy to burn for such activities. Consumers should therefore limit the number of calories they receive each day to suit their body’s needs. In general, Adjusting the amount of calories received appropriately is divided into 3 types according to the needs of the body as follows:UFABET

  • Maintain body weight People whose body weight is within the standard range Not too fat or too thin, able to maintain body weight. By consuming food or drink including using energy to do various activities equivalent to the number of calories received To help adjust the number of calories the body receives each day to be in balance.
  • Weight gain: People whose body weight is below the standard and want to increase their weight. You should eat larger amounts than you normally consume. To get more calories
  • Lose weight: People whose body weight exceeds the standard, suffer from obesity  and want to reduce that weight. It is necessary to move the body or do various activities continuously for a long time. Use more energy than the amount of energy you receive. To increase the burning of fat in the body

How to adjust the number of calories to suit your body’s needs? This can be done by adjusting eating habits and exercising. which has the following details: