Dust allergy rash Take care of your skin health on days. when PM 2.5 dominates the city.

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Dust allergy rash Take care of your skin health on days when PM 2.5 dominates the city.

Fine dust particles known as PM 2.5 are one of the air pollutants. This is an important problem that affects the health of Thai people every year, impairing their health and lifestyle. Both stimulate air allergy symptoms. Causes nasal congestion and allergic rashes on the skin. Or what is known as ‘Dust allergy rash’ because the skin is the main organ that is constantly exposed to dust. Therefore causing a rash on the face. and itchy rashes all over the body. How do we take care of our skin health on a day when PM 2.5 dominates the city so as not to damage our skin? Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.app

What causes an allergic reaction to PM 2.5 dust?

PM 2.5 dust is dust particles smaller than 2.5 microns that are dangerous and have an impact on health. Both in the short term and in the long term We can find PM 2.5 dust both outside and inside buildings. Because the size of PM 2.5 dust is very small, it passes through the doorway. Windows allow entry into the building. And because dust particles are very small and often contain carbon compounds that dissolve well in oil. Able to bind to various chemicals and metals and penetrate through the outer layer of skin into the inner skin cells. Dust particles undergo oxidation reactions on the skin. cause free radicals Makes skin cells change Disturbs the balance of the body and stimulates genes related to the secretion of inflammatory substances. 

PM 2.5 is also an important factor Dust allergy causing wrinkles, dull skin, and dark spots. It also stimulates the inflammatory process of skin cells. Causes an itchy rash allergic to dust. which is one of the causes of dermatitis. and skin allergies People with existing skin disease Dermatitis. It will more irritating and itchy. and may cause the rash to worsen. Especially around the face and spreads to cause itchy rashes on the body as well

Effects of PM 2.5 dust on the skin

  1. Acute effects: PM 2.5 will stimulate inflammation in the skin. Makes the skin barrier worse. Skin cells repair themselves more slowly. This causes irritation, rashes, dust allergies, and itchy skin. Especially in groups with low skin resistance, such as children, the elderly, or patients with chronic skin diseases. will be more affected than usual because the rash or pre-existing skin inflammation symptoms may recur.
  2. Chronic effects Long-term exposure to PM 2.5 dust stimulates Dust allergy the aging of skin cells. Stimulates the destruction of collagen in the skin. Stimulates the formation of wrinkles, dark spots and weakens the skin’s immunity.

How to take care of your skin on a day when PM 2.5 dominates the city

  • Avoid going out to do outdoor activities. If it is a day that the PM 2.5 dust concentration exceeds the standard value. 
  • Carry a spare face mask. You should carry a mask that can filter dust particles smaller than 0.3 microns, such as an N95 mask, as a backup. Learn how to wear it correctly and use it every time you need to go out for outdoor activities.
  • Clean your face thoroughly. Going out to face pollution outside will leave toxic dust residue on the skin. Therefore, you should clean your face thoroughly with clean water. And choose to use facial cleansing products that are suitable for sensitive skin. Does not cause additional irritation. Free from alcohol, perfume, preservatives and does not cause clogging. In addition, you should take a shower. Wash your body thoroughly as well.

-Contains Licochalcone A, a natural extract which has properties of being an Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory substance. Helps stop continued cell damage from UV rays. and helps soothe the skin from irritation and redness Thus reducing the problem of dry skin. and irritation caused by dry skin

– Ready to combine Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Which are important fat substances that can be found in Hydrolipid Film or the skin’s natural protective barrier. It is created to protect the outer layer of the skin to keep it healthy and prevent water from evaporating from the skin and keep it hydrated. It also helps protect against foreign substances that may cause irritation from coming into direct contact with the skin.

-Ceramide ceramide extract helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. Maintains moisture, does not dry out, and is resistant to environments that may cause skin irritation. For healthy skin

-There is also Shea Butter that helps make the skin’s protective layer look strong.