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Monthly Archives: September 2023

How to create Work-Life Balance?

Most often, adjusting Work-Life Balance involves talking about how to find a balance, a middle point and a clear line between work and personal life. To prevent us from spending our lives too much on one side or the other. This may be done as follows. 1.

Complications of obesity.

Obesity may increase the risk of health complications such as high blood pressure. High blood fat Respiratory problems, asthma, irregular menstruation Pain in bones and joints, back pain, osteoarthritis, gallstones,  diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke. various cancers, leading to more serious and chronic health problems Additionally, obesity can

How to get the right amount of calories

Each person’s body receives the appropriate number of calories to use for different activities each day. This depends on many factors such as body size, weight, height, and age. If you must do a lot of physical activity. You must consume food and drink in large quantities. In

What are the benefits of running ?

Running is a useful exercise. Helps promote blood circulation in the body. Helps increase the activity of enzymes and hormones that help stimulate the muscles and heart to work more efficiently. The heart will be able to pump blood well and help the muscles use oxygen more efficiently.